Saturday, August 8, 2009

The bad and the good of motherhood.

Yesterday I took Doodlebug to have his helmet adjusted. No big deal, we do this every week. When we got there I smelled a poopy diaper. For some reason we almost always have one on the way to his helmet appointment. I just picked him up, carried him into the office and took him in the bathroom to change him. Oh.My.Goodness. I saw pooh coming out of the leg of his diaper. Hmm, that's not good. Then I noticed a large wet spot on his outfit just above the waistband of his diaper. Uh-oh. Upon further investigation it turned out to be more pooh leaking from his diaper. Great. And when I looked down at my shirt I realized he had gotten it all over me too. This is just getting better and better.

It's hard to know even where to begin in cleaning up a mess of this magnitude. So I opened his diaper. He stuck his hand in the poop and then tried to put it in his mouth. I cleaned off his hand. I took the diaper off and soon realized that I did not have enough wipes to get him cleaned up. So into the sink he went. Thankfully he cooperated and stood in the sink while I rinsed him off. But then what do you do with a slippery wet baby? I can't really hold him since my shirt's still all poopy, I can't put him on the changing table for the same reason.... So I dried him with paper towels and laid him on the floor to put a clean diaper on him. I took my shirt off and washed it in the sink and then put it back on. By then I had to call for backup and had to leave the restroom to ask for some Lysol wipes and plastic bag. It was a long afternoon.

By the time we got home Doodlebug had catnapped in the car and would not go back to sleep. I was beat. We had been to 2 doctor appointments and met my husband for lunch. I hadn't slept much the night before and was just trying to hang on until Daddy got home. I turned on the TV in our room and layed him on the bed. I lay down next to him and he happily babbled, cooed, giggled and watched TV. I was too tired to act silly and interact with him much and he gave me several puzzled looks while we were lying there. He rolled away from me and picked up his paci which he looked at and then looked at me. He rolled back and stretched out his arm to hand me his paci. My sweet little boy gave me his most precious possession. I took the paci and thanked him and told him what a sweet little boy he is. He was so proud of himself and rolled around on the bed grinning from ear to ear and cooing. I guess I just looked like I needed a paci to him.

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  1. Oh-oh-oh! That is too adorable. What a blessing kiddos are. I once heard someone say that God made babies extra cute just so that they would surive--lol. ;)


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