Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things I Never Understood Until I Was a Mom....

1. Nursing is really hard work. I never understood this until I realized the reality of a nursing cycle for us. Nurse for an hour. Change baby and play for a few minutes and put baby to bed. Pump while baby sleeps. Put milk in fridge, wash out pump. Get baby up from nap. Repeat all day every day for months. While recovering from 9 months of being sick and major surgery.

2. Why moms allow their children to go out in public with food all over their faces. I clean my child up after every meal. Without fail, when we get to the grocery store or the YMCA I see a smear of stray fruit or rice that we missed. It's really hard to check a moving target for cleanliness.

3. What is the big deal about teething? Until you watch the helpless child you love scream for 4 days straight, not eat and just be generally miserable as teeth come in. Now it makes sense.

4. How much I would love him. Everyone is so eager to tell you about how you will never be able to nap again. True. How much money they will cost. Also true. But they never mention that baby laughter is one of the happiest sounds in the world. Baby kisses are wonderful beyond almost anything else. That this little person will change your life in all sorts of ways, but most of them are for the better.

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  1. true!

    Nursing does take up nearly all of your time, especially during the first few months. I swear, I get nothing else done. Nothing.


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