Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day has never been my favorite holiday. Remember back in elementary school when we gave out valentines to our entire class? And the rule was that you had to give a valentine to everyone? Because if the teacher didn’t make that rule then there would be that one kid who wouldn’t get any. Your grade school popularity meter measured out in candy hearts on your desk for the world to see.

When I moved onto celebrations of Valentine’s day as an adult I discovered it’s still a competition that many women use to measure who is loved the most by their boyfriend/husband/fiancé. And instead of being measured in candy hearts it is now measured in red roses, expensive jewelry and fabulously romantic dates.

And the poor men who are trying desperately to figure out what that perfect gift will be. Should they send flowers? Flowers die. And what if one of her co-workers gets a bigger arrangement? Chocolates? Maybe, but maybe she’ll just talk about how they will make her fat. Jewelry? Lingerie? Teddy bears? A romantic date?

The single girls don’t have it any easier. They watch all the flowers being delivered, knowing there are none for them. They hear about all the romantic plans, and have none of their own. They become that one kid who doesn’t get any valentines in grade school.

So, I choose not to celebrate. I don’t want to be part of the competition. I don’t want my husband to spend his money on chocolate I don’t need and that will be half-price by Monday. I don’t want to go out to dinner with a million other people on one of the most crowded days of the year. I don’t want him to think that I love him any less because he didn’t give me the perfect gift or a wonderful night on the town. I know he loves me. Of all the women in the world, he chose me to be the one he spends his life with.

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  1. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, either, for exactly the same reasons! We don't need a special holiday to know and acknowledge that we love each other. :-)


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