Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation Pictures

This was one of the highlights of the trip. Doodlebug sat on the edge of the pool and would jabber to his cousin, Z. Then Z would get out and yell, "Hey Doodlebug, watch this!" And then he would dive in the pool. Sometimes Doodlebug would laugh, but usually he would put on his surprised face and yell "Oooooooooh!" And then jabber some more loudly. It really looked like he was trying to coach Z in the fine art of diving. We started referring to him as the German judge.

Spending a little time with Aunt K.

This is how Doodlebug spent most of the trip, clinging to Daddy. At least it gave Mommy a break.

Oh wait, is that a smile I see??? Quick, snap the picture!

We took Doodlebug to Downtown Disney. He was not impressed.

And when we stuck a hat on him, he became even less impressed.

But we did get one pretty good family shot.

Big boy walking!

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