Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Yesh Man

We're already seeing signs of the terrible two's.

Screaming fits on the floor that last twenty minutes at a time. Daily. Multiple times a day.

The cause of said tantrum? I asked Doodlebug to crawl or walk over to his highchair because he said he was hungry. It was ten feet away.

I guess that makes me the meanest mommy on the planet. I know that leads to some really rough days.

But a week ago Doodlebug also learned a new word. Yes. Or as he says it, "Yesh".

It is his stock answer for everything.

Do you want to eat?


Do you want to play ball?


How are you this morning?


Will you financially support Mommy in her old age?


Can I quote you on that?


In a few more weeks the stock answer will change to "No". But until then I'm just going to enjoy my little yesh man.

Isn't he the cutest little boy in the world? Yesh.

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