Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doodlebug's haircut

As we were putting together our family profile for the adoption we decided that we needed to get Doodlebug's hair cut. It was so cute with all the baby curls, but we really needed some pictures of him looking like a little boy instead of a baby.

Here is a before picture.

We took him to a place that caters especially to little kids getting their hair cut. I usually do it myself, but I was too afraid of making a mistake and our family pictures were going to be taken soon.

The lady that cut his hair was very quick and Doodlebug was very distracted by all the other kids, the little airplane they let him sit in, the cape he got to wear and looking at himself in the mirror. He sat there so well!

I just had to put this picture in, doesn't he look like the mayor of Munchkin Town?

And look at my big boy with his new hair cut! What a cutie!


  1. Amazing how a little haircut can make a toddler look so big!!

  2. Amazing how a little hair cut can make a kid look so big!

  3. Oh good gracious! He looks so BIG! What a good, grown-up little man!


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