Monday, November 8, 2010


No, that's not his real name but I don't put my boys' real names on my blog or public internet sites. This face is why we call him Squinchy.

Here is the first picture of both of my boys together. Look at how delighted Doodlebug is in this picture! He is a little jealous of him now, although he's starting to come around. He likes to pet Squinchy's blankets and he's been picking up bottles and trying to feed him. Of course then he tried to sit on him.

Our Squinchy seems to be a pretty laid back and happy boy and we are so thrilled to have him.


  1. Squinchy is simply gorgeous. I was just reading some of the lead-up to his adoption. How amazing that God has arranged for you to be his mother. I hope that you are doing well as you adjust to having a new member of your household.


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