Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow in the South

We live in an area where it's pretty rare to get snow. When the weatherman first mentions the word "snow" on the air people flock to the grocery store and buy up all the milk and bread. I've never quite understood what people plan to do with milk and bread in a snowstorm. Maybe they make french toast? I don't know.

When we do finally get snow, the entire city shuts down. Honestly, two snowflakes and school is closed. Even once the snow melts the schools stay closed for another day. Yet another thing I don't understand about the South.

My husband and I grew up in areas where it snowed all winter long. When it did snow here last week we were both a little sad that Doodlebug won't get to grow up sledding, making snowmen and playing in the snow. When the snow does visit us, we try to make the most of it.

This was the night the snow started. We took Doodlebug out for a walk so he could see it. Our neighbors commented that we are like the post office, out walking in snow, sleet, rain, nothing stops us. They think we're nuts. They're probably right.

Unfortunately his hat kept slipping down over his eyes so I don't know how much he actually saw. He would just quietly sit in his stroller with his eyes covered and not make a peep. Only when we checked on him did we notice the problem.

When we did have some snow on the ground we decided to go out sledding. If only we had a sled. But my good friend had an idea, laundry baskets. So we pulled out an old one, lined it with a blanket, bundled up the Doodlebug and headed out the door.

I think he enjoyed the snow a lot more this time. I just love the look of pure joy on his face.

He was very amused watching Mommy and Daddy try to chip off the driveway with various garden tools.

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