Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Reasons I Love Being a Stay at Home Mom

  1. Baby giggles are the best things ever. Seriously, if I could bottle them sales of Prozac would drop dramatically.
  2. On beautiful spring days I get to play outside.
  3. Doodlebug is my favorite baby in the whole world and I get to hang out with him all day.
  4. When I’m really tired, I can take a nap (as long as Doodlebug is on board with this plan!)
  5. I get to play with bubbles.
  6. The commute is awesome.
  7. My boss is so stinkin’ cute!
  8. Doodlebug makes sure I don't take myself too seriously.
  9. Part of my job description is snuggling.
  10. Every day is a new adventure.
  11. I love seeing my little guy discover the world.
  12. I get to be creative and stretch my capacity to be resourceful.

1 comment:

  1. It's the best job in the world isn't it? Having a stubborn two year old and a newborn can be demanding and frustrating, but of course it's all worth it! By the way, is doodlebug the boss or your husband :)?


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