Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quick Fix for Well Loved Clothes

Doodlebug wears mostly secondhand clothes. Some I buy at the local consignment shop, others at church consignment sales and a few at garage sales. Garage sales are hit and miss but they are usually the best bargains. When I find clothing for less than a dollar I'm willing to take some chances on being able to clean it up when I get home.

A couple weeks ago I found a yard stuff with boy clothes in the next size up for Doodlebug. They were priced at $.50 each so I dug around and found a couple of cute things. There was a cute little Winnie the Pooh fleece pullover. At first I put it back because Pooh looked dirty, but when I looked closer I realized he was just covered in fuzz balls. I decided it was cute enough to take a chance on and put it in my pile. This is what it looked like.

When I got home I got out my old sweater shaver. Actually, if you look closely it's really called the Magik Fuzz Buster. I forgot where I got mine from but I've seen them for sale in fabric stores.

I spent about five minutes going over Pooh and shaving off the fuzz balls. My guess was that once he was cleaned up the whole jacket would look a lot better.

It's amazing what a few minutes of restoration work can do to a piece of clothing. I don't hesitate to buy sweaters, shirts or other clothing that looks a little pilly because I know that I can clean it up quickly at home.

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